catalog #188
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Date: 8/21/12

item: vase

catalog #: 188

height: 11"

principal wood: zebrawood

accent woods: holly, ebony

comments:    Zebrawood, or zebrano, has one of the most pronounced grain structures found in fine woodworking. It attracts the eye almost forcibly when incorporated into furniture, for example, but wants to stand on its own. It typically doesn't integrate well at all, tending to fight with most other woods in pairings. On the other hand, what wood artist can resist such bold and beautiful figure? My solution to this pleasant dilemma is coupling it with a wood that no other wood can fight with, holly, that is free from any figure at all and has a so-conservative, but delectable, vanilla ice cream color. With a 2" wide, completely waterproof, copper well and base weighting for increased stability, this unique vase can display a serious bouquet of fresh flowers.

price: $135