catalog #223
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Date: 9/19/00

item: candleholder

catalog #: 223

height: 10"

principal wood: ceanothus burl

accent woods: none

comments:  The burl leading to this candleholder was smaller, flatter and more irregular than most I had been given by my daughter and son-in-law, and I wasn't sure what I could do with it. However, it had no bark left on it at all and seemed especially old and handsomely weathered.  I sanded off a little of the surface just to check it out. Very pleasant surprise! The interior was an extraordinarily deep, rich brown with an abundance of the intricate figuring expected from a first class burl. Given this finding it was an easy decision to introduce a series of intersecting planes that expose the beautiful interior while still preserving most of the aged, seasoned exterior. The result brings to mind polished facets on a rough gemstone.  This work has one copper-lined socket and looks very elegant with a single, tall, pure-white taper.

price: $175