catalog #011
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Date: 6/15/00

item: wall piece

catalog #: 011

height: 28" wide by 27" high

principal wood: birdseye maple veneer

accent woods: alder frame

comments:  One of the early delights that I learned in working wood was the ease with which it was possible to incise a straight groove into a flat surface with a router.  This basic operation, widely used in furniture making for both construction and simple decor, is less often used as the primary technique for creating more-complex abstract designs.  In this case, I was intrigued by the way a pair of radiating straight line sets led to irresistible images of curvature and three-dimensionality.  The main work is delineated by one-eighth inch smoothed and yellow-painted half-round grooves. The yellow and black surface fields are wood stain introduced to enhance contrast and depth.  The frame, created as an integral part of the work, features 90 V-grooves in yellow and green.

price: $275