catalog #180
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Date: 10/4/07

item: vase

catalog #: 180

height: 11"

principal wood: satine

accent woods: ebony,  holly

comments: Satine, or bloodwood as it is sometimes known, provides one of the richest and most luxuriant reds among all of the woods of the world. The color is due to a dye in the wood that can be observed tinting a wet finish (especially shellac) if too much is applied at once. After the finish is dry, however, the color is locked in and stable. This vase was created according to the same concept that is used for barrels and casks, namely joining edges of narrow, vertical strips of wood to form a many-sided vessel; in this case, eight sides, giving an octagonal cross section. The top and bottom multilayers of ebony and holly provide a pleasing and contrasting complexity to the unadorned beauty of the satine body. The well in this elegant work is 2" in diameter, 10" deep, and is lined with a waterproof sleeve of copper; it can be used with serious bouquets of fresh flowers without concern for water affecting its wood exterior.

price: NFS