catalog #369
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Date: 8/21/12

item: candelabra

catalog #: 369

height: 9"

principal wood: sugar pine

accent woods: none

comments:    Sugar pine is the tallest of the pines and is found especially in the Sierra Nevada mountains of Northern California into Southern Oregon. Aside from its huge ornamental cones, it has many industrial uses because of its fine, straight texture. The biggest trees (up to 12') in diameter were largely lumbered off in the California gold rush and subsequent California development and, while sugar pine is still available and not threatened, it is a lot more expensive than earlier. The exceptionally even-grained sugar pine block that gave birth to this candelabra turned up in the turning stock at a local hardwood dealer (Tropical Exotic Hardwoods, Carlsbad). This particular design offers a graceful presentation of three candles with a very small footprint, perhaps suitable for an intimate dinner for two.

price: $55