catalog #620
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Date: 8/31/12

item: table lamp

catalog #: 620

height: overall 27"; base 14"

principal wood: padauk

accent woods: none

comments:    Made of padauk, this lamp closely resembles pecan lamp #619 in design. The base is pentagonal and similarly unembellished with accent woods. Its character is dominated by the deep red color of the padauk wood and its strong, striking grain pattern. It is a bit more husky than #619, being two inches taller in the base, appreciably bigger in diameter (5.5" vs 4") and 3" taller overall. It is a serious lamp. I wanted to offer it for sale but my wife said "No way!." I thought I would offer it for viewing anyway.

All three lamps posted in the Gallery are outcomes of my experiments with bird mouth joinery, a technique that I think could eventually replace many applications of more common joinery methods such as box, dove or mortise-and-tenon joints.

price: NFS