catalog #701
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Date: 8/21/12

item: vase

catalog #: 701

height: 14"

principal wood: Macassar ebony

accent woods: pear, holly, ebony

comments:    The design of this vase highlights the strong, sharp color contrast between the heartwood (near black) and the sapwood (veined red-brown) in the particular piece of Macassar ebony from which it was made; this trait is displayed in three large vertical faces. The narrower panels of pear in between serve as untextured, color-complementary transitions between the ebony panels, all delineated by the white of the holly striping. This large vase features a rounded, triangular cross-section, a weighted base (for extra stability), and a completely water-safe, copper-sleeve well 3" in diameter, ample for a large display of fresh flowers.

price: $225