catalog #249
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Date: 10/31/01

item: candleholders

catalog #: 249

height: 7.5", 6.5"

principal wood: walnut

accent woods: birdseye maple, ebony, holly

comments:  Alertness was the impressionistic goal with this set of two candleholders.  Leaning forward, yet fully upright, they seem to be trying to detect and extract whatever might be important in their environment.  From the woodworker/artistís point of view they demonstrate the very versatile concept that the intersection of flat planes (the glue joints between the different woods) with curved surfaces (the exterior shapes of the pieces) results in unobvious and attractive line contours.  Note the interesting organic shapes formed by the lines where the nearly white holly meets the birdseye maple, and where the birdseye maple joins the ebony (best seen in detail photos). 

price: $225 (set of two)