catalog #502
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Date: 7/24/02

item: sculpture

catalog #: 502

height: 12"

principal wood: redwood (second growth), spruce

accent woods: ebony base

comments:  This piece is a pilot study in the use of woodworking joinery techniques to create unique shapes and patterns without the typical sculpting need of carving away a large block of wood to reveal the work within. The woods are  ordinary lumber yard stock (second growth redwood and "white wood," a spruce). They were chosen for their color contrast and, as this was an experiment, their low cost. Small blocks of the woods were joined on various faces through box joints to create a sinuous shape that was smoothed by sanding. The piece turned out better than expected (many donít!) and was completed as shown, with an unassuming ebony base. The patterns created by this process, and the lazy serpentine form, speak for themselves.

price: $195