catalog #619
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Date: 8/31/12

item: table lamp

catalog #: 619

height: overall 23"; base 12"

principal wood: pecan

accent woods: none

comments:    Seemingly, this lamp might be characterized as unadorned and without complexity. However, one or two subtle features add to its charm.  Not obviously noticeable, a key feature is the unusual five-sided (pentagonal) cross section of the base, achieved with the help of a custom-made, bird mouth router bit. Unfortunately this is a difficult point to illustrate photographically without turning the lamp upside down! But I'm pleased with it none-the-less. Another relatively uncommon aspect is its solid pecan construction. Pecan trees for nut growing are found widely in the Southern USA, and California also, but seeing the lumber is rare in my experience. I spotted the wood from which this lamp was made at TH&H in San Diego, and had to have some. It is similar to hickory, very tough and hard, and has an appealing honey color.

price: NFS