David Henry Wood Arts
elcome, wood and wood arts lovers!  On these pages you will find art objects that reveal the incomparable natural beauty of wood in forms both aesthetic and functional.  Enjoy them at your leisure.  Should you especially like any particular piece, most can be purchased.

I shape and finish each free-form piece individually, by hand.  Every work is a new and original design; I'm impatient with repetitive projects.  My current inclinations favor candleholders and vases, but I can't resist occasional sculptures, bits of furniture and other objects.  I prefer clear wood finishes; stains or dyes may obscure natural color patterns and intricate grain details.  Wood choices are eclectic.  I use many Southern California locals (e.g. avocado, eucalyptus) but enjoy tropicals as well.  I fit candleholder sockets and vase cavities with copper sleeves (my vases hold water safely) and, as appropriate, pieces are invisibly base-weighted for stability.

Thanks for stopping by!

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